Dr. Robert Porter

This is the third time in 2019 that I am writing about the loss of a colleague. We got news last Friday, that Dr. Robert Porter had passed away after suffering a heart attack.  Bob was a lecturer in our management department for several years and ran our Executive Development Center for more than five years.  He had just recently moved on to become President and CEO of the Florida Virtual School.

Bob was one of the most polished professional speakers the college has ever had.  He cared a great deal about the student experience and the success of our graduates. He moved easily between academic and business settings and excelled in teaching our capstone strategy course. Bob also helped grow enrollment at our Executive Development Center to record levels.

He was also a proud father and granddad.

Bob’s family is establishing a scholarship in his name, an apt tribute to a guy who cared so deeply about his students’ success.  If you’d like to contribute, you can do so by clicking here.  A great teacher touches the lives of many students. The lessons he or she teaches them live on well past the teacher’s time with them.  I know many students will continue to carry Bob along with them throughout their careers.


Are You Career Ready?

If you are a non-business major returning from Spring Break and unsure of your career plans after graduation in May, we might have a solution for you. Our new MSM Integrated Business Track program emphasizes development of applied business skills through a team-based, active learning approach that creates well-rounded problem-solvers who will thrive in environments that require them to take on multiple roles and responsibilities for their employers. Located on the UCF Main Campus, the MSM Integrated Business Track program is a 12-month, daytime program with a 30 credit hour curriculum and classes and co-curricular activities that require a commitment  Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Basically, you give us a year and you come out career-ready— able to apply your undergraduate degree and new found business skills in a wide variety of settings. Check it out by clicking here.

Spring Break 2020

While you are sitting on that beach thumbing through your cellphone and wondering whether this “fun in the sun” spring break is really what you want to be doing next year, you might want to click here.

Not only would you be doing something great for someone else that gets you outside your comfort zone, imagine what perspective employers might think when you tell them about that experience instead of what you are doing now…..

They Really Are Social Media Stars..

If you’re a fan of the podcast, you might be amused to learn that Kelly’s chickens are all grown up and laying eggs. The industrial egg complex doesn’t seem worried, but Carolyn was right, those chickens are becoming social media stars….

Don’t know about our podcast? Click here to give a listen. Some new episodes will be hatching soon…