Our Job

The unfortunate events of the past week are about the future of the university. It will likely be several months before new leadership is in place, our relationship with state leaders can begin to heal and our path forward come into focus.

But our job here in the college remains unchanged: to ensure that students continue to learn, that faculty continue to make new discoveries, that our partners continue to help us co-create our culture of engagement and find the talent they need, that our graduates continue to get good jobs, and that we continue to tell our remarkable story.

UCF and its College of Business remain institutions on the rise because the people who work, study and volunteer here know that they are doing great things. Our best response to the uncertainty that lies ahead is to continue to charge on.

2 thoughts on “Our Job

  1. Paul. Those of us who are “laymen” don’t quite understand why the State is so strong in its reaction to this. Seems like there was a need now, government is sometimes slow to provide solutions, a decision was required, and an option was chosen. It’s not like somebody stole money for their personal benefit. Maybe we don’t know all the facts but it all seems like overkill from the outside. This will not deter the mission of the University. Will make us stronger. Thanks for your leaderhsip.

  2. This is an excellent message and our students should not only hear this, but understand they are empowered, no, encouraged to spread this message to everyone. Who knows why legislators do what they do. Being good stewards of the “people’s money”? Doubtful as there is ample evidence that the people want a vibrant and growing UCF. The legacy of this University won’t be this unfortunate chapter. Nor will it be undefeated national football championships. The legacy of this University will be the impact that the hundreds of thousands of young men and women with a UCF education have on the world. Always has been, always will be. Charge On COB Knights!

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