Advice for Students From the Hall of Fame

Last Tuesday we held our 20th Annual College of Business Hall of Fame Induction at Rosen Shingle Creek in front of 850 guests.  The event celebrates our alumni, corporate partners, faculty, staff and students.  It is extremely hard to get into our Hall of Fame.  We have more than 60,000 alumni and less than 90 have received this honor.

As part of the induction, we ask each of our honorees to give our current UCF students some advice.  The tip that stuck with me was from Rick Cardenas.  Rick is CFO of Darden.  From the day he attended UCF, Rick said he always knew he wanted to be a CFO of a Fortune 500 company.  He told the attendees that focusing on your “next” job is a recipe for dissatisfaction.  Instead, he suggested that students think about the very last job they want to have in your career.  He commented that if you do this, you will see that there are many paths to get there and will be much more patient and satisfied along the journey.  This strategy certainly worked for Rick.  Maybe it can work for you too.

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