Michael Redlick

We are laying a friend and colleague to rest today. Mike Redlick joined our DeVos Sports Business Management program a few years ago after a distinguished career in sports that included his beloved Browns, 49ers and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He came to help shape the next group of sports business leaders and to give back. He also wanted to give his kids, Jadyn and Sawyer, a stable place to grow up. Life in sports business often demands a lot of moving around.

The DeVos program is an especially close knit group, and Mike relished getting to know the students and helping them transition to a successful career. He was full of great stories, always had a smile on his face and used his many industry contacts to help students realize their professional goals. He had a huge impact: Rich Lapchick told me the other day that he received more than 200 notes and emails from people Mike impacted in positive ways.

One of the greatest things about working at a university is that your impact outlives you. It lives on in the students and colleagues you helped to shape. Sawyer and Jadyn, you should know that your dad made a huge difference. He is and shall always be a UCF Knight. We shall not forget him.

1 thought on “Michael Redlick

  1. Well said. Sawyer and Jadyn, I did not know your dad, but I was familiar with his reputation. The dean is right, he made a huge difference! You can be proud.

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