Success Isn’t Achieved Alone

Last week at Welcome to the Majors I could see on the faces of some of our students that they were not yet ready to buy into our main message: Success in the College of Business requires that you engage with others and together show what you can do. I only have a partial window into the minds of those students, but I do know some are struggling to overcome their introverted nature, others believe they can do it alone, and still others think school has to be minimized if it is going to fit into a puzzle that includes many other priorities.

We have two events over the next two weeks designed to help students like these change and expand their mindset. For students early in their time with us, The Ambassadors will be doing their “Street Smarts” program in the Exchange next week. Street Smarts is a peer-to-peer orientation program designed to help new students transition to our unique culture and embrace the actions and strategies that will bring them success in the college. This is a great opportunity for new students to get advice from fellow Knights who are ahead of them and succeeding in the college.

The second event happens this Thursday and is for students who are a little further along in their education and are looking for an alumni mentor who can help them finish college strong and successfully transition to a new career. These students have been here long enough to understand that success isn’t something that you achieve on your own, that there is much to learn from others and that opening your mind to new experiences that challenge you is the reason to come to college in the first place. They are looking to learn from experienced people who can help them grow. If your new to the college, follow their lead.

1 thought on “Success Isn’t Achieved Alone

  1. Great message and hopefully enough to get the mentioned student group engaged! I would like to chime in and say they all have the opportunity to connect with their instructors, lecturers, and/or professors. For some, this simple interaction may be the boost they need.

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