Five Predictions for 2019

Because I just didn’t have the time to come up with 10 predictions this year…

1. UCF plays Alabama on Jan. 19: After UCF beats LSU and Bama downs Clemson, there is just too much money left on the table not to have the last two unbeaten CFB teams square off. No, it won’t happen, but UCF will beat LSU, and the cries for an expanded playoff will get louder. Much louder.

2. Integrated Business will have the best placement rate of any major in the college: Thanks in part to a very strong group of dedicated advisory board members and faculty who believe in this program, it’s already No. 2 behind Accounting in employability. Honestly, I don’t think it will surpass Accounting, but I do think we have shown that the concept works, that employers want students with these skill sets and that the Master’s version of this program, which starts Fall 2019, will draw a lot of undergraduate non-business students wanting to invest in their career readiness.

3. Blockchain develops a killer app that takes it mainstream: I stole this prediction from somewhere and frankly I’m not sure exactly what it means, but everybody knows you’re product sells more with the right branded app. Dr. Eric Boyd told us so at our last Dean’s Speaker Series this fall. Sean Snaith will give you his take on the economy for 2019 at the next Dean’s Speaker Series on Friday, Jan. 25. Click here to register.

4. Our Professional Sales Program will win another national championship: We already have two rings. This year’s group of students had a very strong fall. They just seem poised to win that third title. Besides, Dr. Bill Steiger is the Nick Saban of sales coaches. Frankly, every student in the college should have a sales course even the accountants, because as Bill says, “Everybody is in sales.”

5. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” will get a remake this year: Our 2019 College of Business Hall of Fame will be so successful that Hollywood will decide to do a remake — Lily Collins stars. OK, that prediction is a little bold, but my Tiffany works best with big goals and she usually exceeds her target. You can help her out by joining us Feb. 12 at Rosen Shingle Creek. Register by clicking here. (I told you everyone is in sales, even me.)

Happy New Year. Go Knights. Charge On!

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