Did you ever wonder if something is a thing?

That’s the idea behind our podcast. We explore whether an alleged trend or innovation is really a thing– something people should know about– or is just hype. If you haven’t heard it, you can listen by clicking here.

Last fall, we explored Esports, Bitcoin, Millennials, Ghosting on the Job Market, Triple Entry Accounting, The Stare Down Kid, Lean Start Up, Backyard Chickens, Fake News, Behavioral Ethics and Black Friday. What’s next? We’re not sure. So, we are seeking your help. Take a second and complete our quick poll. You can also recommend a topic, we haven’t thought about. Thanks for participating and if you like the show, give us a rating on iTunes, it helps us build awareness for the show.

<noscript><a href=”https://poll.fm/10192125″>What three topics would most interest you in a future podcast?</a></noscript>

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