We celebrated the end of our failure competition Friday. Congrats again to Michele Crockett for sharing her story and winning the competition.

The failure competition came about because of an interview on Mike & Mike with Gary Player, a well-known golfer. Mike Greenberg asked Player about the mindset of a champion. Player said something like this: “I would get up every morning look in the mirror and tell myself that I would make some bad shots today. And that some of those bad shots would happen when Tiger Woods was sinking a birdie and everyone was cheering.” He went on to explain that he did this because, then when the bad shots actually happened, they were no big deal. He expected them and his recovery from the bad shot was much better. I thought this was genius.

Saturday night at Spectrum Stadium the Knights showed this same mentality. They made some bad shots in the first half. They gave up more yards than anyone had seen in a half of football. They couldn’t stop the run. They fumbled. And they were behind big. Without McKenzie, many people thought the streak had ended. They were wrong: The team did not panic in the face of adversity. They made some adjustments at halftime. They remained focused, knew what they could do and executed. They were, in a word, resilient– just like Gary Player and Michele Crockett.

So, if you are entering finals week having made a few bad shots this semester, take a lesson from your favorite football team.. Bad shots happen to everyone. Remain focused. Make some halftime adjustments in your game plan. Have confidence in what you can do and execute.

1 thought on “Resilience

  1. Perfect perspective for our students, or anyone else. As the great coach Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” So, get back up and keep going. Failure is a part of the success formula. Failing won’t keep you from success. Giving up or quitting will!

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