The Next Big Thing?

A big part of my job is to think about what the college should look like five years and ten years from now and then get us there. To do that, I need to understand where business and society are heading and separate hype from fundamental change. Over the years I’ve learned that the marketing is usually way ahead of the reality, but being behind, well that’s really the killer.

I also know that college students tend to be early adopters… they typically embrace new ideas and products well before they become mainstream. Some of that hunger for “new” comes from youthful exuberance, but it also comes from an environment that emphasizes inventing the future and provides people the opportunity to connect the dots through dialogue with a very diverse community.

So I’m interested in hearing from my readers about what they think will be the next Big Thing– the idea, or invention that is most likely to change the world in the next decade. Ideally it would be something that will impact how we prepare our students for what lies ahead. But any new idea or invention that you think might influence your life and is worth my time exploring is what I’m looking for. Just leave your response as a comment on this blog post. Who knows, your suggestion might help shape the college over the next ten years.

3 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing?

  1. Artificial Intelligence will begin to shape job searches. Instead of searching Indeed, Handshake, or LinkedIn, you will be presented job openings based on the social and personal data that has been collected about you.

  2. Similar to Aloe-Vera infused Socks or nicotine patches, we would apply the same concept of embedding nutrients into fabrics to be transferred on our skin, but infuse them into bedding material. For individuals with specific vitamin deficiencies, these bed sheets and/or pillow cases would serve to provide them with the healthy nutrients needed while they sleep, so they can wake up feeling refreshed!

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