There’s No Room For Arrogance in Business

Justin Wetherill was our Welcome to the Majors speaker on Friday. A Dixon School of Accounting alum, Justin is 30 years old and his company UBreakIFix has more than 400 stores. You can learn more about his story by clicking here.

You would think a guy with his track record would have more than a bit of an edge. You would be wrong. He just might be the most humble guy you will ever meet. He believes it’s the key to business success: ” There is no room for arrogance in business,” Justin noted. “We succeed because we serve our customers, suppliers and employees. People want to work with us because we serve them.”

This is an incredibly important insight for students. People will hire you or work with you because you add value to them. It’s about them, not you. Use the time you are with us to figure out what you can best do to add value to others, rather than how you can obtain a job that will earn you the most money. You will have a much more rewarding and successful career. The money will follow.

Thanks Justin. We are so fortunate to call you a UCF Knight.

1 thought on “There’s No Room For Arrogance in Business

  1. Didn’t realize Justin was a fellow Knight B-School alum. I go to his stores because they provide exceptional service. I pay a little bit more at his stores but its worth it!

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