We Won’t Forget You

Today is graduation.  We graduate about 2,000 students a year from the College of Business.  Spring is the biggest graduation ceremony we do each year.  It is so large, that UCF has a separate graduation just for us.

Over the last 12 years, every College of Business graduation ceremony involving students from our Executive Development Center has included one person: Mike Sheahan.  As the program liaison, Mike would stand on the same corner outside the arena to congratulate students and their families as they entered the arena.  In the more than 1100 students Mike has greeted over those 12 years,  I dare say he has never ever forgotten even one of their names.  As EMBA graduate and UCF VP of Communications and Marketing Grant Heston notes: “Mike has an amazing ability to recall people’s names at a moment’s notice.  Frankly, it is a superpower.. he doesn’t just remember their names, he remembers their spouse’s name, their children’s names, maybe even their crazy uncle’s name.”  Combined with a hearty handshake and a warm smile, he makes every person he greets feel like they are the single most important person in his life at that moment.  And, this is not a fleeting thing — you could run into Mike 10 years later and he would still have all this information at the ready.  You would have no need to introduce yourself.

Mike’s uncanny ability to never forget someone is so impressive that we have adopted it as a mindset for how we treat our graduates, retired staffers, and former faculty.  Simply put, we will never forget you.  For our many graduates today who took the time to get to know us– there may come a time in your future when you need your college to remember you, help you make a connection or point you in the right direction toward success.  Call or email us. We will do what we can to help.  Mike wouldn’t have it any other way.   So Mike as you enjoy your retirement, know that we will continue the tradition you gave us and know too that we will certainly never ever forget you.