Finding Gratitude Outside Your Comfort Zone

No single person is more responsible for the great partnership we have with FAIRWINDS Credit Union than Garry Capton.  Garry is the reason FAIRWINDS sponsors The EXCHANGE.  He is a huge champion of the culture of engagement we have here in the College, the importance of financial literacy and the need for students to put their knowledge into action.

So, I was pleased when he finally agreed to appear at The EXCHANGE as our featured speaker. Garry has a job few students even know exists. He is Vice President for Community Relations and President of FAIRWINDS Foundation where he invests in a wide array of projects. I knew Garry would have an interesting perspective to share with students on how to prepare for life after college, especially here in Central Florida.  But he is also a very humble and unassuming guy.  He would much rather work quietly behind the scenes than be seen as the front-person on any project. To get him to The EXCHANGE, I had to agree to interview him. It was as far out of his comfort zone as I thought he was willing to get.

His talk on Friday didn’t disappoint. In fact, he surprised me a little with his last piece of advice for students. In a moment when I knew Garry was outside his comfort zone, he said: “Volunteer because it gets you out of your comfort zone, leads you to interact with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet and makes you grateful for what you have in life.” I must confess I hadn’t thought of volunteering as an exercise in getting out of your comfort zone or getting to know people who are different from you — both things we preach regularly in the College. But Garry is spot-on here, and he identifies a rather easy way to practice these skills, because people are always looking for volunteers to help do good work. Finding gratitude in the process doesn’t hurt either, although I wonder if it, too, is usually found only outside your comfort zone… hmm…

Thanks Garry.  Good stuff.

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