Everyone Needs a Cup of IB

It’s that time in the semester where the college hosts a lot of competitions: The Joust, Case Competition, and Failure Competition are all in full swing. As a business school, we embrace competition. It gets people out of their comfort zones, encourages teamwork, challenges us to do our best and is the ultimate yardstick by which we measure our progress.

Friday night, yes Good Friday night com 5 to 8 pm, I visited our newest competition– a competition among our Integrated Business students. The competition involved a coffee shop case that required student teams to provide an integrated solution across several functions– it’s what these students are supposed to be able to do. The competition was voluntary, but making it to the finals gave them a purple ticket worth some extra credit in the course of their choice.

Eleven groups made the finals. They presented to judges– IB alums now working in real jobs. The three final groups presented to a panel made up of IB Advisory Board members. The IB faculty we’re all there to host a reception for everyone, record interviews of the student teams, and celebrate their success. A culture of engagement was everywhere.

In the lingo of the college– this event did not suck. It was an awesome display of the dedication of alums, board members, faculty and students to the success of their pioneering program. Everybody was drinking the Kool-Aide, or in this case the coffee. It made me want to give everyone in the college a cup of IB.

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