An Alum’s take on Getting to the One

I got an email last week from an alum who regularly hires UCF College of Business students.  He was sorting through resumes and was a little frustrated when he wrote me the following. You might want to take heed…

….. GETTING TO THE ONE. I think about this concept a lot these days as I look at 100 resumes to get to 8 phone interviews to get to 3 face-to-face interviews to get to 1 person offered the job. Honestly, a new graduate can get to the “Top 20” by just getting the basics right and by flying under the red flag radar, but when it comes to the Final 8, it comes down to razor thin margins, and especially the Final 3.

I think in many cases it comes down to getting laser focused on the customer (in this case, your customer is your potential future boss!) Researching in-depth about the company, showing the right amount of enthusiasm/energy & finding the right balance of confidence so you don’t sound arrogant. BY THE WAY, if you’re just spraying your resume everywhere, it’s real hard to go “all in.” When someone shows up with a cookie cutter, it shows. No one likes to be a cookie, especially not the “customer.”

Yeah, I know it’s tough. Too enthusiastic and you seem desperate, and too much confidence and you sound brash. BALANCE being the operative word.

I really do feel for the kids who have to go through this gauntlet, which is why networking as a student is SO critical. My lord, one phone call from someone, and they vault to my Top 8. I think about how many students I’ve placed in jobs just by them making the right impression on me, so that I can put my name behind them. It’s the understanding that there is an opportunity everywhere they go at all times, so they better be PRESENT, interested & representing their personal brand even when it’s a less formal situation.

OK, I gotta get back to phone interviews but I thought a slightly impassioned e-mail at this moment might resonate since I’m thinking about how I can help convey this to the future graduates at UCF Business. The End.

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