Your Class Might be in the Alumni Center

If your class meets face-to-face for the first time today, you are likely in one of our REAL Courses—the format that is replacing lecture capture.  If so, your class is probably meeting in the FAIRWINDS Alumni Center.  We’ve had to rent out FAIRWINDS while we prepare to renovate space in BA-1 to accommodate the new format.  By fall, all of our REAL courses will meet in BA-1.  By spring 2019, Lecture Capture will be a thing of the past.

As you enter these group sessions, keep in mind that the new format changes the role of the faculty member in the learning process.  Rather than lecturers, faculty are content curators, facilitators and de-briefers interested in developing student competencies through real world application. This means it’s important that you come prepared for these sessions.  You are no long passive consumers of lecture content.  Instead, you are an active participant in learning.  If you are unprepared, it’s going to be obvious to everyone.

Feedback from last semester suggests that the vast majority of students very much enjoyed the group sessions and felt they facilitated learning.  Many students also appreciated the adaptive learning technology, which allows students to work at their own pace and re-examine material when needed.  Keep in mind though that this new technology doesn’t allow you to postpone everything to the last minute—staying on schedule and completing each section is a key to success in these courses. Also, remember just because you aren’t meeting with the instructor in class every week, you still have the ability to meet with faculty and T.A.s during office hours and interact with your fellow students who are taking the course.  So get help when you need it.


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