Whose Names are on the Wall is Important

We had the honor of welcoming Sam Lupfer and his wife, Leila, to the College last Wednesday.  If the name sounds familiar, look at the wall in the atrium in BA-1.  Yes, that guy.  Lupfer is the right name for the atrium because he is the FTU version of what many of our current students are like: He is humble, thoughtful, down-to-earth and committed to sharing his success with his school and community.  Sam is the kind of guy you want to share a beverage with and invite to the football game because you have an extra ticket. We were introduced to Sam by Ken Dixon.  They are neighbors, and Ken’s gift to name the School of Accounting inspired Sam to contribute to our efforts to remodel the common spaces in BA-1.

This week, we welcome Ravago to the College on Thursday.   The company is active in the distribution, resale, compounding and recycling service for plastic and elastomeric raw materials. They have offices in a Maitland and are another key contributor to our remodel efforts.  The company believes in the same things we do:  connectivity, modesty, data-driven decision-making, partnership and ethical operation.  You’ve probably never heard of them, but you can check out their corporate values by clicking here.  They plan on being a key part of us for years to come.

We started our remodel project with two goals: First, to provide spaces where students wanted to hang out and have the kinds of conversations that would transform them— spaces that would encourage them to immerse themselves in the life of the college. Second, we wanted students to walk in and understand this is a place where winners are made.  The new names on the wall are important because they are success stories who share our values and vision.  They represent us well, and we are better because of our association with them. Thanks, Sam and Ravago.  We plan on using our remodeled spaces to produce many more winners like you.


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