A Thank You to Dr. Hitt

We learned this week that Dr. Hitt is retiring at the end of June.   A great deal has been said about his leadership and a great deal more will be said over the next several months as we celebrate the legacy of one of the most remarkable presidencies in higher education.  But I think  the best thing we can do for Dr. Hitt is to thank him.  So write him a note or add your thanks to mine by commenting on this post.  We will make sure he gets a copy of them all.

I want to thank Dr. Hitt for the unique institution he has created, the “can do” culture he has cultivated, the enormous number of lives he has changed, and the future he has provided to all of us who continue to work toward his vision and know UCF’s best days are yet to come.  The many years Dr. Hitt has devoted to UCF have been years well spent indeed.  So, thanks Dr. Hitt.  For our part, we promise to charge on!  


2 thoughts on “A Thank You to Dr. Hitt

  1. I accepted a faculty position at UCF because of the visionary leadership here, the remarkable way that quality is maintained while scale is achieved. My son started this year in the Burnett Honors College and I have also been impressed as a parent at how he has been challenged and yet encouraged. Thank you Dr. Hitt, for your leadeship, and I am proud to “Charge On!”

  2. I’d like to thank Dr. Hitt for his time and efforts here. I am thankful for the unifying culture he has cultivated at UCF. I am also thankful for his kind words and willingness to care for his students when natural disasters arise and most importantly for always strengthening the opportunities for students to be successful in their future careers. We will always “Charge on!”

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