How to Manage Your Boss

Last Tuesday was Renee Giron Day in the College of Business. It was her last day. Renee was leaving us to enter the real world. We celebrated because she has been a big part of us for a while as an accounting student, ambassador, lead ambassador and TA for our professional development courses. She is tiny, witty, succinct, geeky and a little annoying. She also has a short attention span. This blog post needs to be brief or she won’t read it.

But most of all, Renee is the master at managing up. When you meet her, she quickly tells you her rules of engagement. She speaks in short sentences with few words meant to clarify those rules.  If you follow her rules, she always delivers for you. She gives advice when she thinks you are about to do something stupid, then obeys if her argument doesn’t carry the day (reserving the right to tell you, “I told you so” later). She has her boss’s back and knows how to talk him off a cliff when he’s stressed. The result is mutual respect and loyalty.

Well done, Renee. I wrote this down just in case you didn’t leave instructions for the new person. Feel free to add in a few tips. Charge On, woman, and improve your diet. All those hash browns can’t be good for you.


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