Welcome Back Students


This place never really stops.  As soon as we are done sending one group of students off to new adventures at graduation, we begin work on welcoming another set of students to the college in a week.  We do this three times a year.  Summer is no exception.  Welcome to the Majors is Friday.

But the title of today’s blog post isn’t so much about the start of another semester as it is about the end of a construction project.  For almost six months, BA-1 was under construction.  The project sucked the life out of the building.   There were few students in the halls.  They simply came to class and left in search of friendly space to do their work. The energy in the building vanished.  It felt like just another office building. This might surprise some readers, but no faculty member ever got into higher education because they wanted to work in an office building. None.

That ended just before May graduation when the final touches were put on the remodel and the furniture arrived.  Students were literally taking things out of boxes themselves and going to work in the new spaces.

Things really get back to normal today.  Thanks to some very generous donors, students will fill the Ravago Entrepreneurial Corridor and the Lupfer Atrium.  They will see their friendly dean’s face back up on the screens (or the North Korean leader as I like to call him) and will know what’s going on in The Exchange by looking at the display just outside the entrance to the facility.   Most importantly, they will have a place to study, work in teams, and have the kinds of conversations that define a good education.  So welcome back students.  If you’re new to the College of Business, don’t be shy, no one ever had a great college experience by being anonymous. We don’t believe in that here — work to make the place your own.  If you are a returning student, help us restore the buzz. We missed you.


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