Winners Go Here

As you can see from all the photos in this post, the last few weeks have been spent recognizing winners in the College.  From our national sales competition champions to the winners of our Joust, Failure Competition, Case Competition, Dean’s Excellence Awards and Founder’s Day honorees we celebrated a lot of success here in the College of Business.

It should come as no surprise that the College of Business believes in the value of competition. We send students to compete nationally and host a number of signature contests each year.  We do this because we believe competition makes us better and gives us a chance to celebrate our values: it demands us to take risks, asks us to work with people we did not know before, forces us to use data to support our arguments and gives us the chance to showcase our problem solving skills under pressure.  When it’s over, we get to measure ourselves against others and our confidence grows.  We learn that we can compete with anyone anywhere.

This last point was driven home to me, not by the winners but by teams and students who didn’t place first, yet proudly posted their accomplishments on-line.  Students like Casey Mallet, George Rogue, Jean Broussard, Jonathan Johansmeyer, Sara Laneand Monica Bermudez….

Each of these posts noted how far the students had come, how much they had learned, the value of a great team or coach and how the experience had transformed them. Wins come in lots of forms and when you get out of your comfort zones to engage with us, you learn lots of winners go here… including you.


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