Ambassadors For Life

Despite some of their best efforts to stay much longer than their parents hoped, eventually all our young squires turn into knights and set out to conquer other kingdoms. In fact, it’s our mission to make this so.  That does not mean will miss them less or fail to relish their return as successful alums with stories to tell of their journeys in The Exchange.

This week, we lose seven Ambassadors to graduation: Brynleigh Benak, Michael Gonzalez, Thomas Huang, Theresa Joseph, Soheila Latifalojar, Vanessa Del Valle, and Ryan Wolf.  We also lose Merarys Dias to graduation this summer. ….In the past I have used the Monday blog post before graduation to say a few words about each of them individually and what they contributed to us.  This group deserves something different. They were much more than the sum of their parts. They were the first group since our founding set of Ambassadors to fully grasp the nature of their task and impact the College of Business student experience in a fundamental way.

So I want to describe them in the way that people describe the College to me: Diverse, Welcoming, Engaged, Forward-Looking, Relevant and Accessible.  They took to the challenge of being confident without seeming arrogant or intimidating and have used this quality to touch the lives of a lot of their fellow students, especially through Street Smarts.   Amanda Brown would be proud.  So am I.

Like all of our students graduating Friday, they are going off to embark on a wide array of adventures. The people who meet our Ambassadors along the way will infer a great deal about the College of Business through the quality of the interactions they have with them.  Whether they like it or not, they are Ambassadors for life.  The task doesn’t change, just the venue.  The mindset doesn’t change either.  What made you winners here, will make you winners there: confidence without arrogance or intimidation is a winning formula everywhere.  Thanks for what you did for us. Charge on!


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