Fridays are busy days in the College of Business.  We don’t have many formal classes on Friday.  (For you old-timers, the MWF class has pretty much disappeared in favor of MW and TTH classes because you can get more done in two 90 minute classes than three 60 minute ones.)  The day tends to be reserved for faculty seminars, meetings, and events involving alums and/or the general public. As a result, it’s not uncommon for me and the external relations team to have multiple events on Friday, sometimes at the same time.  Case in point, a few Fridays ago I had the Internship Invitational and the Alumni Golf Tournament running at the same time.  This Friday, we have the Dean’s Awards, Dean’s Advisory Board Meeting and the Joust Finals all going on.

As you might imagine, with so much going on, some Fridays it is difficult for me to make an appearance at all our events. (It’s not that I always have important stuff to say, but an event is a more important event when the Dean shows up–that reality just comes with the title.)  So, the team in its infinite amount of creativity and humor has created #FlatDeanFridays.  Flat Dean made his first appearance at last Friday’s Ambassador meeting.  As you can see, he got less than a respectful reception. (Harsh, is in big trouble–he’s the guy giving me bunny ears in the photo.)

Flat Jarley

Since then, Tina has been fielding several requests for Flat Dean appearances.  I am unwilling to share Tina with Flat Dean.  She has enough to do just taking care of me and my needs. So, I have decided to put Jessica Greene Dourney (JGD) in charge of requests for Flat Dean appearances.  Understand that there are rules for Flat Dean people:

 1.  Flat Dean only appears on Fridays.

2.  Flat Dean is only available for official College, Department, or Student Organization events.

3.   Flat Dean cannot appear anywhere near carbs or  alcohol, nor can he drive the golf cart–Marjorie would have a fit.

4.  Flat Dean does not sign documents or do interviews.

5.  Control over any images of Flat Dean in action remains with JGD.

6.  Jim Gilkeson is barred from access to Flat Dean– its just too risky.

7.  Flat Dean does not appear with Provost Whittaker or President Hitt as they might come to prefer Flat Dean to me.

8.   Flat Dean must be returned immediately after the close of the event.

9.   Copies of Flat Dean are expressly prohibited.

All that said, I have to admit that Flat Dean is a useful addition to the team.  I’m going to be out of town for Spring Graduation.  My daughter Maggie is getting married that weekend.  Dr. Ellis will be filling in for me, but I’m also sending Flat Dean. It is a Friday and he will be available for TASTEFUL pictures with graduates in the Venue as students wait to enter the ceremony… could turn into a fun new tradition.