A Gift to Support Our Culture

The construction in BA-1 can’t get done fast enough in my view.  The project has quieted the common spaces on the first two floors.  The usual hustle and bustle is gone– no students practicing presentations in suits. No groups working on team projects.  No “Good Morning Dean Jarley” as I walk down the halls. The few people who do pass through the building are just scurrying to find a more welcoming place to get on with their lives.  It’s a stark reminder of just how critical the right spaces are to creating the culture you need to support your objectives. It feels like we have gone backwards in time.

The good news is that this week, we are announcing a five hundred thousand dollar gift from The Ravago Group to help bring the right spaces to BA-1. Ravago is the global leader in the distribution, resale and compounding of commodity, engineering and specialty plastic and rubber polymers.The company has offices in Maitland and one visit there will convince you that they understand the important role physical space plays in supporting culture: Its a beautiful, functional, stylish office that tells you that forward-thinking winners work here.  Ravago’s generous gift will help us build the inspiring, high-tech, creative spaces necessary to create an educational experience that instills the mindsets, habits and behaviors students need to succeed in today’s marketplace.  It’s a gift to a culture that strives to get students our of their comfort zones, take risks, collaborate and invent their futures.

Thanks for believing in what we are trying to achieve Ravago. We look forward to hosting your team in our new space in early summer.


One thought on “A Gift to Support Our Culture

  1. The even BETTER news is that the lack of tables in the hallways has brought many, many newbies into the StarterSpace! 🙂 Our lab and collaboration resources have been getting more use and love than ever before by students.

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