The Jobs of Our Integrated Business Graduates

There is a lot of interest among faculty, students and our Dean’s Advisory Board members in the post-graduation experiences of our Integrated Business (IB) majors.  It’s our newest major and is designed to produce graduates who can integrate across business functions. We’ve only graduated 26 students so far: 5 last summer and 21 more in the fall.  It’s not a lot of data, but Chris Leo used LinkedIn to track the current employment of those 26 graduates and found information for 19 of them. That means at least 73 percent of our IB grads are currently employed although in at least one instance we know it’s a job they had while in the program.  Conversely, we know that at least 3 students got their current job from an IB internship while at UCF.

Collectively, the 19 students have a wide array of jobs.  Four IB students work in marketing-related roles: Social Media Analyst at The Sports Quotient; Marketing Coordinator at John Wiley and Sons; Market Research Interviewer at Integrated Insight Inc. and Marketing and Research Associate at Coldwell Banker Commercial.  

Three IB grads have recruiting jobs at Alligent Healthcare, BlueWave Resource Partners, and TekPartners, respectively, while another is an Industry Development Professional at Pontoon Solutions– a staffing firm. Three other IB grads hold analyst positions: Revenue Performance Management Analyst at Global Convergence, Business Analyst at Masseys Services and Senior Purchasing Analyst at Publix Super Markets.  

Two grads are in project coordinator roles, (Rock Em Apparel and SON Technology) while two others are employed in customer service jobs (Enterprise and OnlinePartyDesign) and another pair in operations positions (Amazon and Apple).

The list is rounded out with a Solution Developer at Deloitte Consulting and a Staff Accountant at RLF Architecture and Planning.

Obviously 26 graduates isn’t a lot to go on,  but I think the diversity of jobs held by our IB graduates speaks to the robustness of the major in providing general skill sets that can be employed in a wide variety of functions and settings.  In a world where jobs and job titles come and go at an alarming pace, the ability to adapt, integrate and add value across functions is a great way to achieve employment security.  It’s one of the ideas driving the development of the IB major.

Keep it up IB faculty, I think you’re all on to something here.


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