The End of BE 2000

Richard tells me that the BE 2000 shrine that has resided on the first floor of BA-1 will be removed this weekend.  For those of you who have forgotten, it looks like this:


When you brand an initiative with a date, you eventually get a dated brand. In fairness to Dean Huseman, I’m sure he didn’t expect the curriculum he pioneered or the monument he commissioned to last this long.  If there’s an alum who is interested in preserving it in their yard, den, etc., give us a call.

As coincidence would have it, we are removing the last physical vestiges of this by-gone era at a time when we are also imagining the future of the College. We have challenged ourselves to think about what business education should like in the coming decades and how we can use this exercise to develop and act on a plan that will make us first-movers in the marketplace. It is not exactly clear yet what that future will look like, but competency-based curricula, career readiness for students and five-year programs culminating in master’s degrees are receiving a great deal of attention.  Ultimately, we want to do for business education what Elon Musk is doing for cars.

Hey, wouldn’t a brand new Tesla be the perfect thing to replace that BE 2000 monument under the steps of BA-1? Maybe when people do something really great in the college, we could let them toot the horn.

We had a DeLorean for the Hall of Fame a few years back…. Tiffany, can you get me one of those?



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