Progress in Admission to Majors

Near the end of last semester, a reader asked if I would post information about how many students got into each major based on their performance in the Fall semester.  I commented at that time, that the data wasn’t ready yet, but that I would as soon as I had final numbers.

The table below shows the number of students who got into the major of their first choice at the end of Fall 2016.  This means they completed the primary core that semester and when they did, it qualified them to move from their designated “pre-major” to that same “major”.  What the data below doesn’t show (we still need to compile this) is the number who decided to enroll in a different major after their performance last fall.  We estimate that this about an additional 50 students.


We admitted more than twice as many students into a major for this Spring 2017 (698) than we did last year at this time  (312) when the system was brand new.  In fact, we are nearing what we would expect to be a steady-state number for a Fall or Spring semester in-take into the majors, which is about 800.  Note also that the relative order of admissions into the majors has remained the same.  Finance is the most common followed by Integrated Business (IB) and then Accounting. Economics and Real Estate tend to have much more modest numbers.


4 thoughts on “Progress in Admission to Majors

  1. Dean Jarley,

    Are here any plans to increase enrollment for the more modest majors? Especially Economics, which is viewed as a premier major at other universities both domestically and internationally. As an Econ grad from UCF that major is very near and dear to my heart and I know just how great the UCF econ professors are!

    Thank you,
    Chris Puszkar

    • It is not an issue of having a plan, but rather demand. I too was an economics major and think it provides a very powerful way to look at the world and set of tools to succeed in life. We aren’t restricting seats in the major or discouraging enrollment in the economics. But the field does require good math and statistics skills and this is a challenge for many students.

  2. Glad to see these numbers going up. Students should be allowed the opportunity to succeed or fail. If a student is deemed worthy of admission to the university, he/she should be given a chance to study what they feel most passionate about. We say, “UCF Stands for Opportunity.” Glad to see the numbers are proving that mantra correct.

    • The numbers going up was inevitable. The new system pushed back when students can declare a major in an effort to help them make a better choice. It’s too early to tell if we are achieving all our goals, but we expect more students to complete the major they declare, fewer students to change majors, and more students leaving with new jobs in hand.

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