It’s a Little Messy in BA-1.

While you were gone, we were busy tearing up BA-1.  Well, not us exactly, the contractors.  The goal is to give all of us more engaging common spaces, places we will want to sit down with each other, have conversations, build lasting connections and invent our futures.  If you don’t think space matters,  consider The Exchange’s role in changing the culture of the College.  Today, its hard to imagine what we did without that space for so long.  We are looking for the same type of culture impact with our refurbishing of the common spaces on the first two floors of BA-1.

Eventually (some time in March or early April), the upgrade will look like this. A massive improvement, right?


But right now, with classes starting it looks like this:



Yep, its a little Spartan. Don’t panic. We are still open for business.  All of the classrooms are just like you left them and are clearly marked. Most of the work that needs to be done will be done at night, but the main internal stairways are closed.  You will have to use the stairwells in the corners of the building and we have those clearly marked as well. Furniture is also pretty sparse, not a lot of places to sit in the common areas right now.

To help you navigate the building and let you know what is going on, we have also created a website with up-to-date information on the project.  You can access it by clicking here:

Feel free to check in often and before you know it, we’ll have new common areas that will make you want to spend more time in BA-1.


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