A Thought for 2017

Like most people, I got a few surprises for Christmas. My wife, knowing my love for biographies of interesting people, got me Tim Farriss’ new book Tools of Titans.  It condenses the tips he’s learned from many of the high performers he has interviewed over the years.  

The book led me to listen to one of his podcasts. That podcast contained, among many things, an observation from a CEO whose name I don’t recall who said this: “It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than it is to think your way into a new way of acting..”

Wow, academics everywhere are probably forming rebuttals to that observation before they  finish reading that quote, but it’s a damn provocative insight… Take more risks and your mind will adjust to the notion you are a risk-taker.  Act like the “Tesla of Business Schools” and your mind will eventually come around to the idea.  Try to reason it out first and your head will come up with a million reasons why it’s a bad idea because it risks your short-term survival.  Short-term threats is what evolution taught us our brains should focus on to ensure survival. But most of us don’t live in the wild anymore and long term thinking tends to lead to prosperity, not a focus on short-term risks and benefits in the modern world.

So if you have a sense of a change you’d like to make in 2017, start acting that way now.  Your brain can catch up later.


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