While You’re Returning That Gift, Consider Passing it Forward

So, you are standing in line to return that one gift you didn’t need or like.   Sure, you could pocket the cash or trade it for something you’d like better. But if you are already wondering where you are going to put all that new stuff or believe less can actually be more especially this time of year, consider passing the proceeds of that returned gift forward and into our Student Opportunity Fund.

Launching a successful career or business can come down to having the few dollars necessary to take advantage of the right opportunity at the right time. Maybe it’s the cost of an airplane ticket to launch a career in international business through a study abroad experience. Maybe it’s the entry fee necessary to prove yourself by competing in a national student sales competition or the cost of sitting for a project management certification exam. Or maybe it’s the seed money to launch a hummus company that lands you on SharkTank and puts your product in every Publix store. 

A small investment can go a long way toward a student realizing their dream. This is the big idea behind our Student Opportunity Fund– we want to micro-finance our students’ futures.


The college of business has almost 60,000 alums. If the average alum gave just $20, maybe what you’re getting for that gift return today, we would have almost $1.2 million to finance the low cost opportunities that can have the biggest impact on the lives of our nearly 9,000 students. It’s a great example of how UCF can leverage the power of scale to create huge impact.

So if you really don’t need yet another tie or scarf, consider becoming part of that UCF equation.  Click here, donate and enter Student Opportunity Fund in the comments section.

The UCF Knights thank you. 

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