A Note to My Students

As you might be aware, the Orlando Sentinel reported that I am a semifinalist for the President’s job at FGCU.  Frankly that was news to me, too…. They reported it before I knew I had been selected via social media.. You’ve got to love Twitter.  Lesson: news travels fast in today’s world. You need to be ready to deal with it. 

I am immensely proud of what we continue to accomplish here at UCF. I work with a terrific group of people whom I admire.  We have all worked very hard to scale intimacy for all 9,500 of you and realize our common vision of the future for the College of Business.  It is an immensely rewarding job.  Know that I take great satisfaction in the fact that so many of you take the time to say hello to me in the halls  and comment that you appreciate the experience you are having here in the college…. engaging with all of you makes me want to get up in the morning.

So, why consider a new opportunity? I was motivated to apply for the FGCU job, because it may provide me with an opportunity to extend what we have built at the college to an entire campus.  As my staff knows well, I don’t care what I’m called (e.g., professor, dean, president, dad or just Paul). I care about changing higher education for the better. As you mature in your career, legacy becomes more and more important. I want my legacy to be the creation of a distinctive institution that transforms as many people’s lives as possible by giving them the skills, mindsets, perspectives, experiences and relationships they need to succeed.  I believe this is the future of higher education. The bigger the canvas I get to paint this vision of the future, the better. At a minimum I will get to tell our story to the folks down at FGCU next week. 

I promise all of you and everyone at UCF two things as FGCU and I evaluate each other over the next couple of weeks: (1) my usual commitment and energy to moving us forward in the college; and (2) open and honest communication with all of you on where the process stands. If you see me in the hall and have a question, stop me and ask.  Conversation is one of the things we do best in the College of Business.

Whatever the future holds, you’ll be hearing from me soon.



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