An Invitation to our RSOs

One of my favorite things to do each semester is to meet with the pledges from the AKPsi, Beta Eta Pledge class.  They always come armed with great questions about how my life experiences shaped my career choices and leadership style.  We talk for about an hour and they invariably ask me something I haven’t thought about before.  It makes me stop, reflect and offer an unrehearsed response.  Sometimes my answers surprise even me and I’m grateful that the pledges took the time to challenge me and make me think.

When I first came to UCF I had a number of student organizations reach out and ask me to speak to their group. I made every effort to accept these invitations, but over the last year they seem to have become less frequent. Maybe the novelty of hearing from the dean has worn off with students? Maybe I’m overexposed like the NFL?  Or, maybe I’m just not as accessible as I used to be?

In an effort to make sure it is not the latter, let me extend an invitation to all of our Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to contact me about coming and speaking to their membership. All you need to do is send me a note. Give me a sense of what you want me to talk about (the more interesting the request the better) and I’ll have Tina (my right hand), reach out and try to set up an hour. Understand that much of my schedule gets set in six month intervals. We are about to plan out January to June 2017, so now is the best time to try to get on my calendar for the Spring. I look forward to the conversation.

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