Happy Birthday DeVos Sport Business Management Program

The DeVos Sport Business Management Program turns fifteen this year.  I attended their inaugural alumni banquet Friday night.   It’s easy to tell when you are with someone or something special.  The message is never about the “what” or the “how”, it’s about the “why”.  If you ask any DeVos alum why they joined the program and do what they do, they will answer: “I believe sports provides a powerful platform to change people’s lives and create a better world.  That’s why I came here. Oh yea, by the way I got a Masters’ Degree from one of the top programs in the world and a job in and around sports that lets me work toward that vision every day.”

Kudos to Dr. Lapchick and his team for building a program with such a strong sense of purpose.  Kudos to the DeVos family for generously investing in such a bold vision.  And kudos to the UCF alums in attendance whose accomplishments, commitment and passion reminded everyone why the program was built in the first place.

Charge On DeVos Alums, Charge On