Free Shipping

People love free shipping. Some see it as the reason to buy more.  Others see it as added value for the same price.  My guess is, if you’re not offering some form of free shipping and you’re in retail it is increasingly hard to stay in the game.

With all the changes going on in higher education, I have often wondered aloud about what could be our version of free shipping… Added value for a face-to-face educational experience at the same price.  I got a few ideas (the Exchange being one) but would like to hear from all of you.  So send me your ideas. Who knows, you just might change higher education in the process.

6 thoughts on “Free Shipping

  1. As someone who is paying completely out of pocket for their education, I have thought long and hard about this same question since I graduated high school. Higher education has gotten a negative reputation ever since the recession, and growing up through that, it wasn’t an opinion I was immune too. I asked myself multiple times why either this school or that one, and I landed on UCF because of the combination of features and price. However, tuition prices are increasing far faster then the rate of inflation, and ever semester I ask myself is this bill worth it.

    Being young and naive, I often think on how one would “save” or “fix” the education in this country. But after indulging my curiosity with research, I feel as if I have discovered the answer. People attend college for one specific reason, not to get a degree, but to get a job. The degree is simply a means to an end. The “free-shipping” of higher education is guaranteed job placement. Impossible you say. However, it’s already being done. An educational company named Udacity offers guaranteed job placement for people who complete there premium degrees, and if in six months you are not employed, your tuition is refunded to you. How is this done? By only offering these premium degrees (Nano-degrees Plus as they are called) in fields lacking enough people with the technical skills. They partner with employers to help design the curriculum for exactly the type of workers they are looking for. These aren’t entry level jobs either. Google designed a course for Machine Learning, Uber designed one for Autonomous car engineer.

    They do a few other things I find real innovative as well, such as basically refunding part of your tuition as an incentive four completing the degree on time, but that doesn’t answer the question. I think the “free-shipping” of higher education is guaranteed job placement. As a Dean of a college I would love to hear your thoughts and have other examples of colleges implementing this sort of program as well. And if your interested in researching more about this specific institution and it’s program, just click the link here:
    I look forward to your next blog post.

    • Angel – It is refreshing to see a student care enough about an issue to take the time you did to craft a well thought-out response to Dean Jarley’s challenge. Hope you are an Accounting major so I can look forward to having you in my Government/Not-for-Profit class!

      • As a professor, I have to thank you for taking the time to read my response and for leaving such positive feedback. As it turns out, I am an Accounting student and very much look forward to taking your class.

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