EDC Faculty Summit 2016

If you teach at the Executive Development Center, you know Bob and his team have worked incredibly hard to create a distinctive, high-touch, student experience for the hundreds of working professionals enrolled in our Masters programs.  The EDC is the front door to the College for many people in the business community.  It’s on 36 West Pine Street that seasoned professionals learn how engaging with great faculty and a committed group of classmates can change their perspective on business, forge relationships that further careers and challenge people to get out of their comfort zones and do their best work.

The secret sauce in executing this vision is the faculty’s willingness to work in a coordinated fashion to support this student experience. Bob and his team are prepared to give you a sense of the backgrounds and aspirations of our incoming students, what new programs they will be launching this year, the assets at your disposal, and how the marketplace is changing. If you teach at the EDC and want to help us continue to offer the highest value-added education in Central Florida,  we need you to share your ideas on how we can continue to improve on how we execute this vision.

Tuesday is going to be a very engaging day.


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