#MissionToMusk Launch is Wednesday

Two weeks ago, we made a formal ask to Elon Musk through his PR team to come and speak at UCF.  The invitation came from me, Dean Georgiopoulos in Engineering, Albert Manero from Limbitless and Jesse Wolfe from O’Dang Hummus.  We promised Elon we would fill the CFE Arena with 10,000 business and engineering students to hear him speak for 20 minutes on how failure leads to success.  You can pretty much guess why I want him to talk about this…if you’re clueless, see my last post.

To help solidify our claim that we can fill the CFE Arena (actually this is cake for us, Elon just doesn’t know it) and give Mr. Musk a sense of how committed we are to making this happen, we have launched a social medial campaign using a platform called Thunderclap.  Thunderclap allows you to send out a common message (a tweet, Facebook post, etc.) from many different people to everyone in each of their social networks.  Our goal was to have at least 500 supporters sign up with a collective social network of 500,000 people. Then on June 20, a single message would come out from those 500 people asking Elon Musk to give UCF students 20 minutes of inspiration. The message looks like this:

Our ask #ElonMusk – 20 mins of inspiration for 10k #UCF students who want to see the future like you. #MissiontoMusk

By Friday of last week, we had more than 750 people sign up with a collective reach of 550,000.  You read that right—500,000. There is a ton of excitement around bringing Elon to UCF.  But given recent events in Orlando, we decided to back up the launch a couple of days out of respect for the victims. The collective tweet via Thunderclap will now go out Wednesday, June 22 at 2 p.m.  So you still have a few days to join our effort.

If you would like to add your voice and social network to our #MissionToMusk,  sign up via Thunderclap by going to http://thndr.me/c40vn6

How-To: Thunderclap.it (Mobile) 

  • Click right hand corner, click red square box with three horizontal lines
  • Click explore Thunderclaps
  • Click dropdown box that says Filter by category
  • Choose category EDUCATION
  • Select #MissiontoMusk
  •  Click: red box SUPPORT
  • Share on both Twitter and then REPEAT and share on Facebook
  • Click: Add my Support
  • Tweet to followers or add to Facebook NOW too! THANK YOU!

Thank you in advance for your help with this.  A visit from Elon Musk would not only inspire our students, it would help cement UCF as a place that routinely surprises.

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