I want Elon Musk to come and give 20 minutes of inspiration on how failure leads to success to 10,000 UCF Business and Engineering students.  Why?  Because our students don’t take enough smart risks.  Fear of failure just might be the No. 1 enemy of college students today.  Nobody has dreamed bigger, taken bolder actions and stared down failure more than Elon Musk. Twenty minutes from him on the subject would be like two hours from anyone else.  He visits the Cape regularly.  So, the neighborly thing to do would be to invite him over for a chat.

That said, Elon is a busy dude: SpaceX, Tesla, AI, renewable energy, etc.  We are going to have to get his attention and convince him that visiting us is worth his incredibly valuable time. Next week I’ll share the substance of our request to him.  What I need from all of you, is help getting his attention.  One way we plan to do that is through social media.  Elon is active on Twitter.  To help convince him we can mobilize 10,000 students to hear him speak, we are going to do a coordinated Twitter and Facebook campaign.  Stay tuned for the details…

In the meantime, send me your reasons for wanting to hear from Elon.  Use #MissionToMusk.



2 thoughts on “#MissionToMusk

  1. Mr. Musk embodies the adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” I would love to hear him speak on what keeps him going every day. A person of his position definitely has a responsibility to ‘do more, often’ for his community, country and even our planet, but not everyone of means jumps in head first as he has. What inspires HIM to work through tough times? Why even bother with the future? His life, in the here and now, is set. (I applaud him for going beyond, especially when Mr. Musk doesn’t have to.)

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