Time to Pivot

I went to school to be an astronomer. I graduated an economist. Physics taught me that I needed a different future. I think it all turned out just fine.
A number of my students are learning this week that they are not going to get into their major of first choice. They have used up their one grade forgiveness and either didn’t manage a “B” or better in the gateway course to their chosen major or didn’t achieve a 3.0 in the primary core. Whether you were a student who narrowly missed the mark, or were farther away, the disappointment stings.

It’s okay to take a moment alone to reflect on this outcome.  Scream if that helps. Then make an appointment with a career coach ASAP. You need to pivot and develop a new path to success. Maybe that plan involves a new major in the college. Maybe it involves majoring in something else at UCF. Or maybe your future lies on a path that will take you beyond our campus. Everybody has a multitude of skills, experiences and interests. Success comes from finding where your talents intersect your passions and meet someone else’s needs. Our career coaches can help you sort this out.

While you consider your options, realize that this won’t be the last time you are asked to pivot. I meet people who changed careers all the time: former accountants who are successful entrepreneurs, economists who became real estate professionals and marketers who ended up in human resource management, to name just a few. Successful people are asked to reinvent themselves regularly.

The trick is to see the new opportunity that opens up when another door closes. Having a second set of eyes help you see the future can really help: Make that appointment.

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