Where Have You Been?

About 600 students will graduate from the College this semester.  The data tells me that about twenty percent of our graduates will have plans to go to graduate school.  Of the remaining, about half will leave with a job in hand.  The other half are thinking they will work on finding something after they cross the stage.

Wow, that’s a really bad plan.  There are many reasons why this is true, but perhaps the biggest one is that students have way more resources available to them in the search for a job and career before they graduate than after they leave school: College Career Coaches, University Career Services, Professional Development Opportunities, Blackstone Launchpad, Student Clubs, Internships and the Exchange to name just a few.

The Exchange presented by Fairwinds Credit Union may not seem like a career search tool, but think about this: Every day a potential employer or someone from the community who can connect you to people with  jobs is making a presentation in the Exchange.  Every day.  They are coming to you.  They offer advice.  They talk about what they do and what they experienced in their early days. They give you insight into how you can be like them someday.  If you can’t find a career and first job with people coming to you every day, how easy do you think its going to be when you are on your own and have to visit them?  And, when you do show up on their door, do you think they might be wondering: “Where have you been?  I was out at the Exchange and didn’t see you in the audience.  hmm….”



7 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. Thats a good question to ask. The exchange has been great place to network with people from companies i would want to potentially work for.

    • A tad late to the discussion here but I have made use of the Exchange for networking. I actually talked with Alex Groenendyk this morning and we had a great discussion about his past and my future career. Always impressed with the speakers you bring on and excited we get such a unique and easy way to meet successful people.

      • Great job, Robert! I wish more of your classmates would take advantage of this opportunity and reach out. Communication is a two-way process. When they talk to you, it’s usually because they’d like you to talk back!

  2. Great post Paul. This is very true! I would also add that it works both ways. Each time I presented at the Exchange I met many students who were clearly highly employable. If you are a local business leader I recommend you join in! You may meet the next members of your team!

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