The Importance of Telling Your Story

Roy had his last day on the payroll Friday.  A man with an infinite number of connections and his finger on the pulse of the Orlando, we hired him to help us strengthen our presence in the community, amplify our message and invite people to join us as we transformed the College.  We did just that. 

While I hired a communications director, I soon learned that I got a natural teacher. Roy helped many a Joust contestant to tell their company’s story.  He helped Jess Wolfe sharpen his story all the way to Shark Tank.  He shaped the Ambassador’s future and counseled many a lead ambassador along the way (e.g., Amanda, Renee, Casey, Nor).  Roy helped the Business Leadership Council spread the message of engagement to the student body and he helped coached sixty students on how to tell their personal story at this year’s Hall of Fame.

But he saved his best lesson on the importance of telling your own story for last. When some students expressed sadness that Roy was leaving, he told them how his work at the College was done, that he achieved what he set out to do, that the college needed different people to help with different challenges and that it was time for him to write the next chapter in his own story. 

That new chapter begins today when he assumes the role of Executive Director of Communications for Adventist Health System Florida Division. But don’t worry, I’m sure that new chapter will have a few sentences about the College of Business in it.  Charge On Roy.  Keep telling people about the importance of telling their own story.


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