Bringing The EXCHANGE to the 2016 Hall of Fame

I wanted this year’s Hall of Fame event to give the more than 650 attendees a taste of  our culture of engagement in the College and experience how it helps shape our students to be better risk-takers, communicators, collaborators and problem solvers.  Like all things at UCF, pulling off a conversation with 650 people represented a BIG challenge. So, I called in UCF alumnus Robin Cowie to help orchestrate the evening.

The result was an EXCHANGE involving 60 students sharing their compelling stories with the  audience in 15 minutes.  That we were inducting Larry Tobin, the CEO of FAIRWINDS Credit Union, the company that sponsors The EXCHANGE, was just icing on the cake.  The students then joined the attendees for dinner at their table to extend the conversation.

Noor Hashim, our lead ambassador, ended this portion of the evening by inviting everyone in attendance to come to campus and participate in The EXCHANGE.  She also provided instructions on how the attendees could hear all 60 of the stories told that night.

The students rocked it.  I knew they would and we got tons of great feedback on the event. The student stories are so compelling, I wanted to offer them to you by clicking the links below.

These student stories were followed by the stories of our 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees.  I will share the HOF stories with you next week.  One made Lonny Butcher the happiest man at the event.


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