Admission into the Majors

Last week, I wrote about all the hard conversations that went on in the Office of Professional Development over the past couple of weeks and promised to show you data on how students got into each major in the college. To give you a sense of the workload, the Office of Professional Development staff saw 1172 students in the ten work days between January 4 and January 15.  They also processed 571 requests for admission into the majors.  Busy times indeed.

The table below reports the number of students who successfully petitioned into each major as well as the percent of applications approved for each major.  The majors are sorted into two groups: (1) The Technical Majors that require at least a 3.0 overall  gpa in the Primary Core as well as a “B” or better in the Primary Core course associated with their major of choice and (2) the Generalist Majors that require at least an overall  2.0 gpa in the Primary Core.  In the case of Economics and Real Estate successful admission into the major also required a “C” or better in Quant II or Finance 3403 respectively.



There are a number of ways to look at the data, but the most important information is the number of students that successfully applied into a major. Three hundred and twelve students did so.  Just over sixty percent (188 students) entered one of the four technical majors, with the largest number entering Finance.  One hundred and twenty four students entered one of the generalist majors with Integrated Business being the most popular.

The table also reports that 45.4% (100% -54.6%) of all petitions weren’t approved. Why didn’t all the student applications succeed? The answer is that a good number of students either don’t fully understand the new requirements (you can get help by clicking here) or hope we will admit them into their first major of choice anyway.  Most of the failed applications (168 or 65% of the total) were made by students who hadn’t completed either the common course pre-requisites or the entire Primary Core. In short, they applied too soon.  That said, many of these early applicants have partially completed the Primary Core and their grades to date suggest they have an uphill battle to gain admission into the major of their choice.  The remaining 91 failed applications (35% of the total) were made by students who had completed all the necessary courses but didn’t meet the entry requirements for their major of choice.  A good many of these students had a “B” or better in the course associated with their preferred major, but failed to meet the overall Primary Core gpa requirement.  These students had to choose another major or retake a course and apply again next semester.

Again I want to thank the Office of Professional Development staff for the tremendous effort they made these past few weeks. They have been on the front lines of change and had to conduct many hard conversations with students.  It is my hope that blog posts like this, where we publish the results of admissions into the majors, will help students better understand that we are serious about these new entry requirements and that performance in Primary Core courses are key to determining their future opportunities in the College.