What I Got Right and Wrong About 2015

My last post of the year is a chance to assess what I got right and wrong about my predictions for 2015. I made ten predictions a year ago. Some stretch goals, but all attainable. So let’s see how I did:

1. That UCF and Cincinnati Will Join the Big 12: It didn’t happen this year mainly because the Big 12 has yet to expand. It will soon and I still think these are the two most likely schools to join the conference. Verdict: That said, at least for this year: Wrong.

2. The Common Areas of BA 1 Will Get a Facelift: This got bogged down in red tape, but should happen in 2016. Verdict: Wrong

3. That We Will Launch a New Website in January: On schedule and a big hit. Verdict: Right.

4. We Will Add 5 Endowed Chairs to the College: We landed three, well technically four in 2015, but one won’t start till 2016. Just the Dixon Chair to go. A good year, but again technically the Verdict: Wrong

5. We Will Be Searching for Ten New Faculty in 2016: Yep, we are and we have already landed at least four. Verdict: Right

6. We Will Add A Second Pegasus Professor for the College:. This didn’t happen, but I’ve heard a resubmission this year should produce the desired outcome. Verdict: Wrong

7. This Year’s Hall of Fame Will Hit 600 Attendees: Tiff and three great inductees delivered almost 700 people. Verdict: Right

8. The Evening MBA Will Enroll 125 students for Fall 2015: We did even better, enrolling more than 140. Bob and his team did a great job. Verdict: Right.

9. Another College Will Create a Professional Development Center like Ours: I’m told this is still in the works. Hurry up, people. Verdict: Wrong

10. The Professional Sales Program Will Double in Size: Nope, not yet. Get busy Marketing people. I don’t like being wrong. Lol. Verdict: Wrong.

All told, I only got 4 of 10 exactly right. But we came close to filling all 5 endowed chairs this year and the influx of all the new tenure-track talent has been energizing for the College. Add in The Exchange, our success in helping more students get full-time jobs before graduation and rising graduate enrollment, 2015 was a good year indeed. Let’s hope 2016 is even better. My predictions for the New Year will post January 4th. I’m hoping to go 8 for 10.