Outside the Lines

The Ambassadors put tape down on the floor in BA1 last week creating lanes that lead people to touch screens.  Next to the touch screens are cards that ask the reader to access a resource that will help plan their road to “the one.”  There are different resources at different touch screens.  It’s a bit like a scavenger hunt that ends with you having a plan to be different.  Cool idea.

What has been most fun though, is to watch people confront the lanes on the floor. Most immediately walk inside of them, usually as down the middle as possible, even if they aren’t participating in the exercise.  It’s a powerful reminder of our tendency to want to conform.

Of course it’s hard to differentiate yourself by walking down the middle of the same lines as everyone else.  I know the Ambassadors understand this and I wouldn’t put it past them to put one card box outside the lines…maybe with an invitation to the next dean’s pizza lunch.  Just wondering out loud…

One thought on “Outside the Lines

  1. I thought the lines was there to help us walk in a single file line in and out of our classrooms. It’s nice to know it’s there to help us to get to the one. On a side note, I would like a invitation to the next dean’s pizza lunch. That would be awesome.

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