Lost on the Highway to “I Am the One”

For ten days in September the Ambassadors challenged students to turn in index cards that briefly explained what they are doing to step out of their comfort zones, gain useful experience and position themselves to “get to the one” so that they can realize the future that they envision.  A few hundred students took up the challenge and the Ambassadors taped up their responses on the window of the Office of Professional Development in the shape of I AM THE 1.  It looked like this:


 Not having a life, I spent a few hours a couple of Saturdays ago reading them. Some extolled the virtuous qualities of the author: “I give 110 percent.”  “I am motivated.” — “I am smart because I have a 4.0.”  Others listed generic experiences they are accumulating while at UCF: “I am in a club.” “I studied abroad.” A few announced they had big goals: “I want to change the world.” “I want to be rich.”

None of the cards I read told me how the student’s actions were going to get them to where they wanted to go.  They were just actions. And none of the students who extolled a quality had a unique one–lots of people were willing to work 110%.  It didn’t make them the one.

The lesson is this: Without knowing where you want to go, there is no way to take actions that are going to get you there before someone else.  Lonny and the career coaches, you got a lot of work to do.


3 thoughts on “Lost on the Highway to “I Am the One”

  1. I try to think about how all the different things with which we come into contact each day can be integrated into my own courses. This exercise, and its results, made me think of the importance of the goal-setting exercises we do in many business classes and the truth in the notion that “silly” goals may be less helpful than no goals at all, whereas SMART goals can be the genesis of much fruitful activity leading to goal attainment.

  2. I think the famous Cheshire Cat in the Wizard of Oz said. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

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