Swimming with the Sharks

If you’ve been living in a cave and are impervious to our relentless promotional efforts, you may have missed that our very own Jesse Wolfe will be appearing on Shark Tank this Friday night at 9:00 pm on ABC. (Attend the watch party at the Student Union starting at 8 p.m. that night – more info on that here).#UCFBusiness Student Company on Shark Tank.

Jesse has been whipping up the best hummus you’ll ever eat for the past few years.  His products are creative, low calorie and better for you than the competitions. (This by the way is how you get to the one.) I’m especially partial to the Sweet and Spicy Black Bean variety and his innovative hummus-based salad dressings will be appearing in a Publix near you soon.  You can check out his company by clicking here: O’Dang.

Jesse’s story is one of persistence:  He finished third in the Joust a few years ago, but kept plugging away in the Upstarts Accelerator.  If you walked into BA1 anytime over the past year, you probably saw him and Ryan working away in that space. Then he managed to be the highest placing student venture at the first Blackstone Launchpad competition in New York City this year.  His social media campaign brought Publix’s website to its knees, but they originally turned his product down. He didn’t take no for an answer.  I’m guessing it won’t be long before he has both his dressings and hummus in their stores. Ultimately, Jesse wants to ” be the Ben and Jerry’s of hummus and change the way people eat in America.”  I wouldn’t bet against him.

When he steps before the sharks on Friday, he will be representing a number of UCF student entrepreneurs who have benefited from the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Blackstone Launchpad, Joust and alumni mentors like Steve Felkowitz. It is also worth noting that Jesse will be appearing on a show produced by Clay Newbill, an Emmy-Award winning alum of the Nicholson School of Communication who provides two Hollywood internships to UCF Radio/TV students each year.

So, there’s lots of reasons for UCF to celebrate Friday night. As 9 million viewers tune in to watch Jesse swim with the sharks, we will be hosting a party in the Student Union beginning at 8 pm to see if he takes the deal.  Somebody pass me the BOMB-A-LICIOUS!

2 thoughts on “Swimming with the Sharks

  1. I’m amazed to see how popular Hummus has gotten over the years. First, it started with Sabra and now O’Dang Hummus brand. In my culture, we eat hummus for breakfast with pita bread. Most American restaurants offer it as a appetizer and that’s fine. I read a article about Jesse Wolfe in the Orlando Business Journal a few weeks ago and they hinted he might be appearing on Shark Tank but they couldn’t disclose it. I will definitely watch this Friday episode of Shark Tank.

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