New Faces in Several Places

August brings the start of the academic year and with it a lot of new faces.  Most of those new faces are students, but August is also a time when new faculty show up on our door.

This fall, ten new tenure track faculty will start at the College. The Dixon School welcomes two assistant professors: Elizabeth Poziemski and Joseph Johnson. Professor Harry Paarsch, who is leading our Big Data effort, as well as Assistant Professor Sami Alpanda join Economics. Finance has a whole bunch of new people: Ajai Singh, who will serve as Department Chair as well as the Sun Trust Chair, David Harrison who holds the Dr. Phillips Chair in Real Estate, and three new assistant professors: Yan Lu, Xiaodi Zhang and John Min Oh. Management welcomes James Combs, who holds an endowed position in American Private Enterprise. And just in case you missed it, two assistant professors joined the Management Department in the Spring of 2015: Steve Whiting and Tang Wang.

We are also adding four new lecturers: Peter Resch and Ian Cherry in Finance; James Keebler in Marketing; and Michael Pape in Management who will serve as an Entrepreneur in Residence.

We thank the donors who helped make these hires possible and look forward to the energy and ideas these new colleagues bring to the College. I know the students will benefit greatly from their presence.

If all these fresh faces aren’t enough, we plan to add ten more new faculty for next year.  So students, get to know these new people now so that you’ll have time to meet even more new faculty in the fall of 2016. They are the folks who are going to make your UCF experience great.


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