Seth Godin is Coming to Welcome to the Majors

It’s going to be a special day in the College of Business Administration as Seth Godin is coming to speak to students at our Welcome to the Majors event on August 28th.  Don’t know Seth? Google him.  Or watch my favorite Seth video below:

If Seth can’t help you understand the importance of differentiating yourself in today’s world, I’m not sure who can…..


3 thoughts on “Seth Godin is Coming to Welcome to the Majors

  1. Whenever there is a special guest that comes to UCF, that you can google search, its always exciting news.

  2. Hey Dean Jarley, I’m excited to hear that Seth is going to be joining the students at UCF! I graduated Spring 2014 from the COB and have had the pleasure of meeting Seth twice. Once when I worked with ESPN’s Grantland Network & recently on a podcast I produce over at Slate in New York City.

    In case any fellow Knights are interested, here are links to both shows:

    All the best,

  3. I’m a COB alum, MBA 1999, and wanted to say thank you so much for bringing us this great session and amazing speaker Seth Godin. I’m very much looking forward to attending and hope that many students take advantage of this opportunity as well. Go Knights!!

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