Father’s Day

In an effort to give Father’s Day equal time with Mother’s Day, I am posting my blog a day early.  Yes every dad knows Mother’s Day deserves its higher ranking, but I’m trying to do my small part here. 

I don’t remember where or when I read this, but an article that really stuck with me said that studies have shown that kids who spend more time with their fathers turn out to be less risk averse than kids who spend less time with them.  Maybe this stuck because when mom was away my kids and I would break some of her rules (eg., eat ice cream for breakfast, jump on the beds, or drink right from the carton) and the article was erroneously validating my bad parenting skills.  Or maybe it stuck because I think college kids are far too risk adverse and that helicopter parents are to blame.  But whatever the reason, I’m guessing that article is on to something and that we dads have an obligation to make sure our kids aren’t afraid of taking risks.

So mom, let dad and the kids color a bit outside of the lines today.   Give them permission to show a little of their adventurous nature. He will thank you for it.  So will I.


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