Graduation and Mother’s Day

My blog posts usually come out on Monday, but I’m making an exception today.

Friday night I got an email from a mom. Usually when I get a message from a parent, it’s because a son or daughter is having some difficulty in school and they are seeking my intervention. This one was different. It was a thank you note to everyone in the UCF College of Business who had helped shape her son’s experience. She wrote in part:

To my son, there are many instructors in the College of Business who are one of a kind. Dr. R who taught Derivatives, Dr. Steiger from Professional Sales, Dr. Sweo who taught international business, and many more who brought real world experience to the classroom and challenged him academically. Jamie took advantage of two out of hundreds of job placements that are available. In the fall he will attend his number one choice of schools for a Masters in Finance.

While our son is one in a million to us, we think UCF is number one for providing him, and many others, a rich and rewarding college experience. Thank you for all you, your faculty and staff do on your student’s behalf!

Her kind note was on my mind as I shook 800 hands Saturday morning. I had always questioned why Spring graduation typically falls the day before Mother’s Day. It always seemed to me like it was just too much for one weekend. But as I exited the arena and saw the smiles on faces, it occurred to me that graduation is, in many ways, an early Mother’s Day present to all those ladies who worked tirelessly to put their child in the position to walk across the stage and into a better future.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all 800 of those mom’s in attendance yesterday: You did good. Take the day off. And, thanks for letting us help shape the lives of your sons and daughters. They will be forever Knights. I didn’t get pictures from all of them, but I’d like to share a few of my favorites below. After all, I consider them my kids too….

  Grad 2015


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