Where’s Next?

We graduate more than a thousand students from the college each year.  About 70% stay in Florida, about 50% stay in Central Florida.  A few venture far and wide.

Three of my favorites: Evan, Anthony and Renee are headed to the Big Apple.  Yelp, Citibank, and McGladrey will never be the same.  Yes, I know Renee will be back in the fall for her Masters in Accounting, but three months in New York City and I’m guessing she’ll be itching to get back there in a year.  Evan is starting in sales, but I see him owning a company very soon.  Anthony,  well he’s a great example of a risk-taking, data-driven decision-maker.  He’s also got that Wall Street swagger.  He’s going to do more than be just fine.

Graduation, young Knights, isn’t the end.  It’s not an “is that all there is??”  moment.  It’s an “I’ve got next” moment.  So where’s next for you graduates? Tweet me your answer all this week using the link below.

And don’t forget to use #UCFBUSINESS.  I’ll give you a tweet back during graduation.



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